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Medtronic Bowel Control Therapies

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Why Is The Medtronic Therapy Different?

Communication Is Critical

Evidence suggests that breakdowns in the bowel-brain communication pathway are the root cause of chronic fecal incontinence (FI).While more conservative therapies focus on the bowel and related muscles, Medtronic bowel control therapy targets the nerves, which is thought to help restore normal bowel function.*

Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy Delivered By The Interstim™ System

The Relief You've Been Waiting For

When more conservative treatments fail, Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy delivered by the InterStim™ systems can help. This therapy is simple and discreet, and it delivers the kind of relief that lets you enjoy the activities you love without a second thought.

  • Targets the nerves that control your bowel to help it function normally again
  • Clinically proven to stop or greatly reduce bowel accidents3
  • Quality of life improvements (lifestyle, ability to cope, embarrassment, and depression) were significant3
  • Lets you see if it works before you and your doctor decide
  • Allows you to get full-body MRI scans if you need them
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced relief* with this safe, FDA-approved and minimally invasive therapy
Medtronic Bowel Control Therapies

Know Your Options

Medtronic bowel control therapy delivered by the InterStim™ systems offers recharge-free and rechargeable options, so you can choose the right one for your lifestyle.

  • The recharge-free InterStim™ II system may be best for most people because it’s simple, convenient, and low maintenance.
  • The rechargeable InterStim™ Micro system is smaller, lasts longer, and requires regular recharging sessions.

Compare the InterStim™ II and InterStim™ Micro systems for bowel control:

Interstim IIx
Interstim Micro

Interstim™ II System


  • Recharge-free battery
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5-6 years§
  • Device Size: 12.5 cm3
  • No routine maintenance
  • SureScan™ MRI technology allows 1.5 and 3T full-body scans


  • Smart programmer, communicator

Interstim™ Micro System


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: up to 15 years
  • Device Size: 2.8 cm3
  • Weekly recharging of 20 minutes||
  • SureScan™ MRI technology allows 1.5 and 3T full-body scans


  • Smart programmer, communicator, recharger, charging dock, recharging belt

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